CO2NO is a reality created to become the reference point for companies and organizations that intend to make a sustainable change to their business one step after another, respecting the planet, but also their own needs.

CO2NO is the answer for those who intend to undertake a Virtuous Path that starts from the need to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment, continues through a process called System 3C (Certifies, Compensates, Communicates) and culminates in the communication of a new value positioning that primarily contemplates respect for the environment and the planet's resources.


Companies and organizations that will undertake to reduce CO2 emissions will not only contribute to environmental protection but will remain competitive in a market of consumers increasingly inclined to purchase sustainable products and services. How? saying NO to CO2 and capitalizing on every action in favor of our planet.

All the services that CO2NO develops and promotes are part of a sustainability path aimed at achieving the objectives contained in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.



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